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◆ Technology research and development capabilities

The company has first-class rubber and polyurethane materials research and development capabilities, the establishment of a set of basic research materials technology, materials testing analysis and Research on the technology and application of new technology and new product project incubator in one of the Jiangsu provincial enterprise technology center; the company in the field of rubber material formulation and processing technology, polyurethane material synthesis and modification technology rubber and polyurethane polymer composite application technology, has high research accomplishments and visibility of the industry. The company established the modford product design and R & D center analysis, through the finite element software application product, with the original design capacity of all kinds of rubber sealing products, rubber roller, rubber seal; system integration technology, rollers, rubber roller roller surface wear technology processing technology, analysis technology of the structure bearing load deformation of rollers, a plurality of the field of seal, the automobile engine roller production line provides a solution.

◆ Sanli company has a strong rubber and polyurethane polymer materials R & D team, specializing in R & D personnel a total of more than 80 people. In recent years, a number of major research projects of national "863" and "National Torch Plan" and so on, there are more than 10 rubber and polyurethane polymer materials research by the provincial science and technology achievement appraisal, and has won the Jiangsu provincial science and Technology Progress Award and the Nanjing Municipal Science and technology progress award.

◆ Sanli company has first-class rubber and polyurethane polymer materials research and development platform, established the Jiangsu provincial enterprise technology center of polyurethane synthetic material detection and analysis of basic research, technology research and application of new technology and new project incubator in one; to establish a research with Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, South China University of Technology, Nanjing University of chemical technology, Career Technical College, Xuzhou chemical industry Nanjing College of Chemical Technology, one of the platform for research and development of polymer science.

◆ Sanli company in the field of new materials, the synthesis of polyurethane system of polyurethane materials and all kinds of metal bond system, engine seals rubber formulation technology, rubber injection molding mold flow analysis technology, petroleum screw drill stator technology, water seal surface composite plastic technology, extreme - pressure rubber damping spacer application technology, new type pavement mechanical polyurethane material application technology, concrete conveying machinery with polyurethane materials technology and other related fields has made nearly 50 patents, and undertake the drafting of national and industry standards for more than 10. Pu and rubber products of three gold company production is widely used in automobile, iron and steel production line, paper production line and all kinds of machinery industry, and made a positive contribution to promote the localization process of the industrial field.

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